Award : Doulbe Gold medal, CWSA, 2014


Breaking news for GINSENEX WINERY, who has just been awarded with an important DOUBLE GOLD medal at the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China, the CWSA.

China is increasingly enjoying 'wine mania' - and is expected to import a further 50% more international wine in the next three years, according to the National Australian Bank. Famous brands that performed well alongside GINSENEX WINERY include Diageo's Ian Macleod from Scotland; Chateau Tanunda, Jacob's Creek, Wolf Blass, Taylor's from Australia; Saint Clair Family Estate, Oyster Bay, Waipara Hills from New Zealand; Camus, Châteaux de Lastours, Remy Cointreau, La Cave du Marmandais from France; Citra Vini Consortium from ltaly and China's own Qingdao Great River Hill Winery.

'It’s really important for us to be recognised as a winner at the CWSA as the most important brands in the world send samples to Hong Kong for these blind tastings and it is the absolute highest level of competition. This drives us to be even more determined for our production to be the very best.' revealed GINSENG Winemaker. CWSA Judges are known as the 'powerhouse' of decision making in Hong Kong and China and include the most influential Distributors, Importers, Hoteliers and Sommeliers. Judges from across China share their prized knowledge - both highly regarded Chinese nationals and Foreigners now based permanently in China originally from France, Spain, Australia and Portugal. They travel far and wide from fast growing urban centres including Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

'lt is crucial that the CWSA Judges are buyers and based in China as they represent the market - especially as Asia becomes more significant in world's wine industry' commented Ms Guanpeng Yang of Shaw Family Vinters based in Tianjin China, who is responsible for wine sales of 250,000 per annum. 'When we see CWSA medals on bottles, it gives confidence the products will serve the China market'. Wine importer Damien Cressot based in Guangzhou and responsible for the sales of approximately 2 million bottles per year simply stated, 'CWSA Medals are a must have for the Chinese market'.

'The GINSENEX WINERY team has worked hard to make these products enjoyable for buyers and consumers and we now are displaying our CWSA medals on the bottles to stand out and shine.’


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